Ogden Pond Corporate Services (OPCS) helps organizations manage key governance and administrative assets, enabling capital development, acquisition and other types of growth events to be realized.

OPCS provides your organization with essential support services in the area of governance administration. Our solid, professional service know-how allows the organization to focus on your core business and minimize costs.

Corporate Administration includes:

1.       Management of your organization’s key documents such as minute books, legal agreements, shareholder registries and capitalization tables. OPCS safeguards your documents using reliable policies and procedures. Document protection is particularly crucial for companies who have raising capital or are planning to go public.

2.       Corporate secretarial role for the Board of Directors, including administration of agendas, minutes, special resolutions, procedures and general governance support.

3.       Shareholder/stakeholder relations including the administration of annual meetings, communication and feedback documentation, special meetings and notices.

4.       Finance administrative functions such as financial modeling, budgeting, cash management, business plans & presentations. OPCS will also provide due diligence preparation and support including online data room management.

OPCS ensures that all processes required to keep your organization up-to-date are in place at all times. OPCS provides your business with the tools and operational savvy to take advantage of every growth opportunity.

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